Maren Mullin made a bold choice when she decided to open a gallery on Main Street when she was just 25. Shops come and go on Park City’s main thoroughfare with an alarming regularity, but nine years later, Gallery Mar is still entrenched as a piece of the town’s artistic backbone. “The community is so supportive to entrepreneurs,” Mullin says. “We’re diversifying to become an arts and culture destination in addition to a sports destination.”

Gallery Mar showcases artists from Vermont to California and everywhere in between, including Utah. Local Park City artist Bridgette Meinhold works with wax encaustic, beeswax, resin and raw pigments. For March and April, Gallery Mar is exhibiting two new artists dealing in abstract expressionism, Shawna Moore and Michael Kessler. Setting foot in the art world can be intimidating, but Mullin is there to help connect collectors at every level with the art that speaks to them. Come in and start your own conversation.

436 Main Street, 435-649-3001.

written by: Tony Gill

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