Your yard deserves more than a shoddy shack crammed with tools and garden gadgets. So do you. These 15 ideas will inspire you to turn your cluttered potting shed into an organized workspace rooted in style.

1. Your shed’s exterior can complement your yard and home. In the potting shed pictured above, shake siding and white trim nod to the property’s main house and help make the small building an eye-catching focal point in the corner of the backyard.

2. This space doesn’t have to be dark and dreary. A small skylight makes a big difference by directing daylight into the workspace. 

3. Transform materials into something new. Repurposed fencing from a landscape overhaul clads the pitched ceiling in rustic charm.

Potting Shed Interior Gregg Hodson Design
Design by Gregg Hodson Design. Photo by Adam Finkle.

4. Include a few unexpected, eye-catching details to liven up your shed. A bentwood pendant light delivers a surprising design element to the space. 

5. Order is key in a small area with lots to keep track of. A row of high hooks organizes tall tools and keeps them off the floor.

6. Make sure commonly used items are organized and accessible. Easy-to-grab garden hats mount on simple wall hooks. 

7. Let the outside in. Windows salvaged from a home remodel deliver charm and light to the shed’s interior. 

Garden Hats Interior Shed Windows
Photo by Adam Finkle.

8. Emphasize an elevated version of classic style. Tongue-and-groove wall paneling fosters a charming cottage look. 

9. Use every inch of wall space. Open shelves provide easy-to-access storage space above the work bench, while freeing up floor space for large, heavy items. 

10. A few simple furnishings can make all the difference. A castaway bentwood stool, small table lamp and old radio furnish a cozy corner workspace.

11. Available at craft and hardware stores, wallet-friendly containers including wood crates, bushel baskets, wicker wall caddies and glass jars become handsome organizers and storage solutions. 

Craft and Hardware Containers, Wood Crate, Bushel Basket, Wicker Wall Caddies, Glass Jars
Photo by Adam Finkle.

12. Smart categorization is key to keeping your shed clean. Common-purpose tools, fertilizers and seeds are separately stored to promote organization. 

13. Get creative with materials. Old fence posts form the base of a mobile, stainless steel-topped potting bench set on casters. 

14. With a creative twist, scraps can be repurposed into simple and useful storage. Long-handled tools are kept in a mobile tool caddie crafted from leftover lumber. 

15. Don’t be afraid to play with bold shades. A braided rag rug softens the space and adds a lively pop of color.

Hooks Potting Shed
Photo by Adam Finkle.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.