Words and photos by: Ashley Baker
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and this year’s latest trends in Christmas decor are sure to make your home cozy and chic this holiday season.
I hit several of my favorite home decor shops in Salt Lake City and spoke to the pros at Ward Child—The Garden Store, Modern Display and Seasons By David. They are definitely offering a new spin on Christmas decor stylings this year. The looks are unique, fresh and festive.
Here is the rundown of some of my favorite local Christmas decor trends.

Non-traditional Colors


Ward Child—The Garden Store

Ward & Child—The Garden Store

“People want color,” says Jerry Stanger, owner of Ward & Child—The Garden Store. If there were one consistent trend discovered throughout all of the places I visited, it’s definitely a change-up and play on color mixing. While traditional colors are always in style, this year many designers are mixing in navy blues with various shades of burgundy, turquoise and peach. “It’s definitely a contrasting year,” says interior designer and floral design team manager of Modern Display, Melissa Eror. “2017 is a combination of dark, deep, sleek and contemporary and a juxtaposition of feminine and delicate.”

Moroccan Inspired Christmas Decor

The pendant light fixtures were hand-blown in Germany. Ward Child—The Garden Store

This year proves the return of color is real. Ward Child—The Garden Store has combined exotic Moroccan shapes and colors with traditional elements, creating a look that is classic and modern. “People want to add new pieces to their collections. It’s about discovering and collecting one special thing each Christmas that creates a memory for them year after year.”

Upside Down Christmas Trees

OK, this really happened. Ward Child—The Garden Store never ceases to amaze me with their innovative and lux groupings. And yes, they even have an upside down Christmas tree.

A Complimentary Mix of Masculine and Feminine

Ward Child—The Garden Store

Ward Child—The Garden Store

Ward Child—The Garden Store


Mixing animals motifs, earthy items and wood elements from nature with warm, sparkly accents is a gorgeous way to infuse masculine and feminine looks into your holiday decor. “There is a large emphasis on things looking and feeling natural, ” Eror says. “There’s also a change-up on Christmas wreaths; we’re seeing a lot of boxwood instead of pine this year too.”

Cohesiveness Throughout All Rooms

Seasons by David

“This year, people are asking for a whole home decor package,” Eror says. Designs are being carried from room to room because of the popularity of open floorplans. You’re able to see most major living spaces at once, so people want to maintain a cohesive look throughout their homes.”
Bonus: Build Your Own Custom Light Strands
Have you seen the lights that line the streets of downtown Salt Lake City? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how to get your hands on them, I discovered they’re available at Modern Display. There is also a technician there to help you through the process. it’s user-friendly and you’ll get the lights you are looking for.
Did I miss any important Christmas trends this season? What are some of your favorites?

(Feature Image taken at Modern Display)
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