Feature Image: Home by Gatehouse No. 1 Furniture & Design,  Shelby Homes. 

Designers from the recent  Utah Valley Parade of Homes crushed it on color, wallpaper, lighting and more…

1. Big Flouncy Flowers

Small timid florals? Pffft. This year, big flouncy flowers flourished on walls and fabrics, delivering deep colors and ruffly, romantic blooms to baths, bedrooms and laundry areas.
Room by Osmond DesignsHighland Custom Homes.

2. Moment-Making Wallpaper

From a pink Gucci Heron print to oversized florals, texture-rich grasscloths to subtle weaves, vivid colors and engaging patterns made wallpaper one of the most memorable decorating elements in the Parade.
Bathroom by Alice Lane Interior Design,  Robinson Home Builders. 

3. Go-To Greens

Color made its move into many rooms, and of all the compelling hues, greens were the most prevalent. Forget bright emerald or bright chartreuse. Instead, brooding spruce, gray moss and rich olive delivered deep-hued richness to painted cabinets, upholstered seating and deliciously dark walls.
Home by Raykon Construction.

4. Classic Tiles

Tiny hexagon, penny and square tiles came together in nostalgic patterns to give bathroom floors timeless charm. Many, including this boy’s bathroom, were given a fresh twist creating an element of underfoot surprise.
Bathroom by Alice Lane Interior Design,  Robinson Home Builders. 

5. Stately Moulding

In hallways and entries, bedrooms and baths, applied moulding and trim—artfully crafted and composed — transformed plain interior walls into 3D architectural statements.
Home by Gatehouse No. 1 Furniture & Design,  Shelby Homes. 

6. Laundry Rooms

Designers offered a fresh spin on laundry room design . Drab, dark and utilitarian? No way. Placed in multiple areas of the homes, laundry rooms were awash in style and felt as inviting as the showy living areas.
Laundry Room by E Builders.

7. Open Shelves

In rooms of all types and styles, floating shelves opened spaces to high style, dynamic displays and up-front functionality.
Home by Gatehouse No. 1 Furniture & Design,  Shelby Homes. 

8. Black & White

The timeless pairing of black and white dominated many homes, adding bold contrast and striking clarity in rooms of many styles. Dark window frames played against white walls while art, accessories and furnishings formed eye-catching compositions of dark and light.
Office by E Builders.

9. Powder Room Panache

A showy powder room is nothing new, and we were delighted to find many of them in this year’s Parade homes. Shapely sinks, clever cabinetry, striking stone and take-no-prisoner wallpapers helped give these small spaces very big style.
Powder room by Chatwin Homes. 

10. Heroic Light Fixtures

Statement-making lighting performed in many of the rooms like dazzling pieces of sculpture. Oversized fixtures and surprising forms defined many of these shapely sources of light.
Home by Ezra Lee Design + Build.

11. Brass Accents

We couldn’t take a step without seeing another example of how soft brass and subtle gold tones can warm and dress rooms of all styles. Showy light fixtures, elegant faucets and discreet accents delivered this of-the-moment finish throughout many of the homes.
Kitchen by Gatehouse No. 1 Furniture & Design, Shelby Homes.

12. Sconces

Layered lighting added depth and drama to many of the homes, and shapely sconces were everywhere. From pairs framing entry mirrors to multiples lining hallways and single sconces illuminating small powder rooms, these wall-mounted fixtures seemed equal parts light and art.
Home by Ezra Lee Design + Build.

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Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.


  1. The laundry room featured in the “Go-to Greens” section is from a home designed by Marianne Brown and Tonya Bush, at White + Gold Design. Raykon was the contractor. It would be nice to see these designers also credited for their work.