Holiday spirits are at an all-time high this season, and we couldn’t help but notice a few festive designs are shining brighter than most. Of course, traditional Yuletide décor will always hold favor, but many Christmas enthusiasts are taking the opportunity to step outside the proverbial ribbon-topped box. To assist in our search of 2021 holiday trends, we spoke with queens of Christmas Chelsea Kasch and Rachel Folkman, who spend the better part of their winter decorating high-class homes across the state. 

Garlands Keep Getting Bigger 

Nothing says Christmas like an evergreen garland draped across the mantle. Kasch and Folkman have become well-known for their inspiring garland designs, and insist on using them throughout the home. Whether they’re draped along a decked-out staircase or lining a well-lit entryway, garlands add a natural nuance to holiday decor. Kasch and Folkman’s top tip? Layer several pieces on top of each other. “Buy a cheap garland from Hobby Lobby or Home Depot and then layer it with a more natural green to achieve that full, natural look,” Kasch advises. 

2021 Christmas Trends

Mantels Take the Main Stage

Embellished mantels are nothing new, but many of today’s Christmas designs are putting a fresh spin on the great room gem. “We are really embracing more out-of-the-box styles, like asymmetrical garlands that are becoming so popular,” says Folkman. The decorating duo balance asymmetrical greenery with smartly placed accessories for an eye-catching display. 

2021 Christmas Trends

Neutral Palettes are Making a Comeback

Bold reds might be on their way out this year as natural hues take the crown. “Neutrals have been really hot this year,” says Folkman. “Whites, tans and creams mixed with silver and gold create a soft palette that is just stunning.” A shining example of the color preference is social starlet Rachel Parcell’s home, which Folkman and Kasch decorated to accentuate her glamorous entryway tree. “Our approach was very much modern meets traditional with Rachel’s home,” says Kasch. 

2021 Christmas Trends

Faux Trees are Real Charmers

Year after year, Christmas enthusiasts ditch the tradition of purchasing real trees in favor of faux alternatives. Kasch herself opted for a faux tree she can decorate year after year, “Faux trees are just easier to decorate, they show better over the season and hold ornaments better,” she says. 

2021 Christmas Trends

Transitional Holiday Décor 

Holiday décor that compliments the home stays in style all season long. “Chelsea and I really love adding details in the home that compliment existing color schemes to add a festive touch without overdoing it,” says Folkman. The pair are particularly fond of natural greens and cool blues that evoke a winter spirit well into the new year. 

You can find more designs from Chelsea and Rachel at and respectively.

All photos courtesy of Chelsea and Rachel.

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