For many, the year 2021 has been overshadowed by the monotony of isolation and a constant thrum of uncertainty. To cope with trying times, we’ve fortified our homes in protective hues and comforting textures. Soothing blues and earthy tones were the year’s most popular combination. But in 2022 color predictions, many color experts are anticipating a pop of energetic pigments. The new year offers an optimistic end of difficult times, and a fresh opportunity to enjoy life. Upbeat color trends invoke the feeling of spring, awakening the senses after a prolonged hibernation. Nostalgia plays a starring role in both collections as classic shades recall simpler days of the past. 

Industry leaders Sherwin Williams and Farrow & Ball are the first to release their predictions. Offering an eclectic mix of bright inspiration hues and organic neutrals, the famous paint brands are setting the tone for an exciting year. Take a look at their 2022 color forecasts below. 

Sherwin Williams

In their 2022 Colormix Forecast, Sherwin Williams announces their newest collection called MODE. The selection comprises four curated palettes aptly named Method, Opus, Dreamland and Ephemera. When describing the 40 expressive hues, director of color marketing Sue Wadden says, “the palettes tell stories about sustainability, deep and spiritual maximalism, the connection between technology and mindfulness and nostalgia for the 1960s to the 1980s.”

2022 color predictions
Shoji White SW 7042. Photo Courtesy of Sherwin Williams.

In the Method palette we find warm shades influenced by modern organics and art deco. The soft collection dresses any space with refined yet effortless harmony. “The soft earthiness of Shoji White SW 7042 juxtaposes with the sensuality of Über Umber SW 9107, culminating in a raw, yet refined harmony,” reads the press release.

2022 color predictions
Naval SW 6244. Photo Courtesy of Sherwin Williams.

Departing from reserved tones of the past, the Opus palette invites us to indulge in our inner drama. Rich jewel tones and bold pops of color add a maximalist flair to next year’s color forecast.

2022 color predictions
Lite Lavender SW 6554. Photo Courtesy of Sherwin Williams.

The Dreamlands palette embodies new beginnings with new-growth greens and pearlescent tones. The spirited shades draw influence from themes of eco-style, wellness and renewal. Dressing your home in any of Dreamland’s nine shades awakens the senses and urges discovery—a response that demonstrates the intention of MODE as a whole. “Embracing the idea of MODE in design inspires a new way of being as we explore beyond what has been familiar,” says Wadden. 

Basque Green SW 6426. Photo Courtesy of Sherwin Williams.

The Ephemera palette comprises nostalgic hues that only get better with age. Cheerful hues offer a playful interpretation of primary colors. “Unifying retro futurism, meaning and memory, the Ephemera palette merges colors reminiscent of bygone basics,” the press release explains. 

Farrow & Ball 

Colour curator Joa Studholme predicts a shift toward simple and familiar colors in 2022. In Farrow & Ball’s latest collection, classic hues draw on themes of  folky craftsmanship. “They are an eclectic mix of the pure and the humble that evoke the warmth and harmony of a more innocent age while celebrating life today,” Studholme remarks. Composed of five shades, the 2022 palette focuses on primary colors. Throughout the collection, School House White acts as an anchor, balancing the bolder hues with neutral whites and beiges. Both familiar and fresh, each shade conjures nostalgia for the past while looking forward to what lies ahead. 

2022 color predictions
Babouche No.223 & School House White No.291. Photo Courtesy of Farrow & Ball.

A cheerful yet muted yellow, Babouche energizes the space without feeling overpowering. The palette has retro, folksy undertones when combined with Farrow & Ball’s Schoolhouse White. “Function goes hand in hand with ornament, using colours and finishes in unusual ways to celebrate the principles of utility, kindness and honesty,” says Studholme.

Breakfast Room Green No.81. Photo Courtesy of Farrow & Ball.

Breakfast Room Green is a lively blue-green shade that is both bold and grounding. The color is perfect for those looking to excite their home’s palette while maintaining easygoing sophistication. “Each colour is further anchored in a sense of comfortability and simplicity,” Studholme explains.

2022 color predictions
Stone Blue No. 86 & School House White. Photo Courtesy of Farrow & Ball.

Here, School House White offers a neutral foil for the stronger Stone Blue painted on the door. Pairing various shades from the 2022 collection presents endless dynamic possibilities. Farrow & Ball suggest coating Stone Blue in their signature Full Gloss to add a modern feel while retaining its vintage character. 

2022 color predictions
Incarnadine No.248

In a child’s bedroom, Incarnadine playfully dresses the ceilings in circus-like stripes. The berry hue pairs well with Breakfast Room Green, and shaped headboards painted in School House White add an element of surprise.

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