Very few business titles could more accurately describe a business than that of simply-named, but not singularly-focused Utah Images. “After spending years as a generalist shooting every sort subject imaginable, I decided to narrow my focus to places of interest within the state of Utah,” says owner and only employee Doug Pulsipher. “Even given these ‘narrowed’ boundaries, the opportunities for spectacular photography seem almost endless,” Pulsipher continued. “Being the only ’employee’ means that I am totally responsible for the success or failure of my photographic endeavors.”

Pulsipher performed many jobs in photography before creating Utah Images—he’s been a photo editor, researcher, adviser to calendar publishers and he even owned a stock photo agency. “My photos have been used by such companies as Adobe, BMW, Citibank. AT&T, IBM and Coca Cola,” he says.


At one point in his life, Pulsipher found himself unemployed and unsure of where he might find the next week’s paycheck. Using his enthusiasm for photography, he spent a couple years working as a freelancer. It gave him a small taste for working for himself and eventually he found right amount of confidence to head out on his own.

Uinta Mountains, Utah

Just like with many artists, his passions and career became one. His love of hiking and wandering the nearby Wasatch Mountains seem like a perfect pairing for his love of photography. “It wasn’t long before I began lugging a camera and tripod with me on these recreational outings—marking the beginning of the idea that I could produce images of places that would inspire and show people how much beauty exists just a few miles from their homes.”

Pulsipher would consider himself largely a self-taught photographer. He attributes his keen eye to the time he spent studying the works of 19th Century painters including—Thomas Moran, Albert Bieirstadt and Maynard Dixon. He draws inspiration from their ability to paint masterful renditions of locations they may never have visited. But still, he notes, they are able to create familiar and inviting settings, something he strives to deliver in his own work.

Although Utah is a state filled with beautiful and stunning locations, Pulsipher believes skill is still involved in creating a magical masterpiece. “Some people seem to think that if you take a photograph in a beautiful place, the result will be a beautiful photo. Wrong,” he says. “The angle of view, the quality of light and the composition and framing all make a huge  contribution towards creating a memorable image.”

From vibrant wildflowers in the high mountains to the red rocks of the southern desert, one will see all landscapes Utah has to offer in Pulsipher’s photography.  Using the juxtaposition of bright colors in opposition of each other, Pulsphier shoots the Beehive State in full color. “Why let all those beautiful colors go to waste?” he asks.

With wind, sleet, rain and snow, weather can become a bit of a hinderance to a landscape photographer. But, Pulsipher takes in stride. In fact, where some might find the adverse weather a challenge, one can find Pulsipher out in the elements to capture his a dramatic image. Besides, as he says, “all you really need is patience (and weather gear) to get the shot just right.”

Doug Pulsipher | Utah Images

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