To update their Park City getaway, a California family enlists a talented design team with cityhomeCOLLECTIVE remodel expertise under their belts to transform a swanky bachelor’s pad into a relaxed and restorative retreat.

It was not at all what the new, California-based owners wanted, so they hired cityhomeCOLLECTIVE to transform the slick Park City dwelling into the laid-back family retreat they envisioned. The design team, headed by Morozoff (lead designer) and including  Susannah Holmberg (senior designer) and Brea Valenzuela (junior designer), collaborated closely with the homeowners to bring about big change. According to this talented team, the design is in the details.

Here are there favorites from the project, and the tips to go with them:

1. Add Depth

A subtly printed Schumacher wallpaper adds visual depth and intrigue to a bedroom’s accent wall.

“We chose and combined materials that speak to each other and create the warm, tactile feeling we needed to create this sanctuary,” says Helena M. Morozoff, interior designer with cityhomeCOLLECTIVE. With a “fifty shades of cream” palette, the team left the design’s intrigue and depth to the furnishings, rugs and accents. “The contrastic mix of textures and patterns… creates a wonderful experience.”

2. Customize

A custom bed from De la Spada delivers curved, organic forms to the master bedroom.

“For this home, we wanted something more unexpected and eclectic, yet timeless,” says Morozoff. For the master bedroom, the team kept the palette of warm neutrals alive (using Farrow & Ball’s Wevet 273 to color walls and ceilings), but brought in a modern-lined custom bedframe by De la Spada to bring visual interest and aesthetic to the space.

3. Keep it Flexible


“We wanted to create an eclectic feel and leave space so that the décor could evolve over time.” Hench, the light-filled great room is filled with carefully selected furnishings to foster comfort, flexibility and hanging out in style. What’s more, each piece is easy-to-move, like the oversized Italian sofa or the tribal side tables, to allow the family to swap out styles with ease.

4. Add Some Unexpected Shine


“We believe every space should have something unexpected, a curiosity piece that is a conversation started or simply has an element of surprise. So it is in the dining area, where pendants formed of solid wood feature cracks inset with aged brass. They hand above a walnut-topped table supported by two custom concrete and metal bases for a uniform, sleek dining space.

6. Liven Things Up

Live succulents and cacti thrive in pots and baskets set throughout the interior.

Set in handmade pottery, low maintenance plants deliver shots of green throughout the home. This is not your typical modern mountain house. In the end, eclectic and unexpected taste ruled the guiding design.

Take a full tour of this home in it’s house tour from the Winter 2020 issue of Utah Style and Design.

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