This spring, punch up your cooking palette with colorful kitchen gadgets and goods.

1. Food Huggers, Sur La Table, Murray

Ditch your plastic bags and go green! These Food Huggers not only save the Earth but they are an attractive addition to your refrigerator when trying to save food. Check out their store at Fashion Place Mall or click here to shop!

2. Fiesta 6-Piece gadget set, Bed Bath & Beyond, SLC

Mix in some color with these Fiesta Utensils from Bed Bath & Beyond, located in Sugarhouse and online here.

3. E-cloth microfiber cloths, Bosch Kitchen Center, Sandy

Paper towels? No thank you, fun colors and the reusability is more our style. We will take these microfiber cloths any day, available at Bosch Kitchen Center.

4. Butterie, Bosch Kitchen Center, Sandy

Butter-up. Keep your butter stylish and smooth in this red butterie from Bosch Kitchen Center.

5. Bali Green nesting bowl set, Gygi, SLC

While you’re at it, ditch the boring bowls still living in your pantry and blend in some color. We opt for these Bali Green nesting bowls from Gygi. Shop at their store in SLC or click here to buy online.

6. Crisp pairing knifes, Harmon’s Grocery at Emigration Market, SLC

Chop in color with these Crisp pairing knifes, available at Harmon’s Grocery in SLC.

Interested in more Utah-local items? See some of our favorite seasonal products here! 

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.