Try your own take on these 6 finishing touches for your living room.

Designer Margaret Anderson teamed with Nancy Van Matre, owner of Cosy House, to accessorize the space with warmth and character.

Pile On the Pillows

As pictured above, Anderson and Van Matre layered pillows and throws on the sectional to foster a sense of relaxed luxury while placing their warmth and comfort just an arm’s reach away. 

 Speak Volumes with Curated Books

“I absolutely love books,” says Margaret, who fills her own home with favorite titles. Here, books are stacked, displayed and used as platforms to deliver style and personality to tables and shelves. 

 Fire Up with High Style Candles

Van Matre grouped tapered candles and brass stands of varied heights on the coffee table. “The different heights create dimension and a layered look,” she says. “And I love their ochre color—it goes with everything and is perfect for fall.” 

 Weave Around

Woven elements—from baskets and coasters to the nearby dining room’s cane-back chairs—deliver rich texture and natural fibers. Plus, the baskets provide easy spots to stow remotes, small books, magazines and other cluttery objects. 

 Add a Little Light – Lamps are Key

Two small lamps illuminate the inside of the shelves, creating soft pools of light that animate the displays. “I love their glow,” Van Matre says. Margaret agrees, “These are much warmer and softer than library lights or strips of lights applied to the underside of shelves.”

 Go Green (Or Any Color)

A mix of fresh and faux greenery enlivens the decor. Van Matre prefers leafy faux greenery without flowers for year-round use­, and for autumn, she dials down the brightness. “Richer and darker hues like those of olive branches and magnolias are perfect.”

See the full living room design here.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.