Styling your bed shouldn’t be a snooze. Designer Allison Campbell shares a few of her top technical tips for fashioning the bed of your dreams.

On Folding:

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Fold the duvet at the foot of the bed in half or in thirds, depending on which best complements the size of the bed and the visual weight of the pillows arranged at its head.

On Mixing:

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A neutral foundation allows for a mix of textural and/or patterned Euro, lumbar and decorative pillows, as well as the duvet cover. “I don’t like shams that match a coverlet or quilt,” Campbell says. “Instead, use the duvet cover to coordinate with the shams if you like.”

On Cost:

Bedroom Set
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Splurge on the sheets and sleeping pillows. You can cheat a little on the duvet and the blanket laid across it.

On Size:

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“Size does matter,” Campbell says. The pillows’ size needs to relate tot he scale of the bed.

On Touch:

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Texture adds interest and touchability and is more important than pattern. All patterns should be subtle so that you don’t tire of them quickly.

On Beds:

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Ornate beds require much simpler bedding, while simpler beds can accommodate “wowza” bed styling.

See a few tried-and-true bedding styles from Allison Campbell here.

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Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.