Written by: Brad Mee
Looking for ways to make your kitchen Pinterest worthy in 2018? These 7 ideas should get you cooking.

1. Show Some Tile

pinterest_worthy_kitchenTile continues to thrill, particularly when used in imaginative ways and unexpected places. How about cladding the base of your island? It lends a large canvas while creating an easy-to-clean surface for the inevitable kick marks from those pulling up to the bar.
Photo by Scot Zimmerman | Design by Tori McBrien

2. Open Those Shelves

Open shelving continues to relieve us of bulky upper cabinets while fostering an open and light feel for the kitchen. And who doesn’t love a spot for displaying favorite dishes and collectibles?
Photo by Scot Zimmerman   | Design by Paula Berg 
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 3. Hide the Hood

Showy hoods can elevate the style of a kitchen, but recently designers are favoring more subtle options. Whether simpler in form or integrated into the cabinetry, fewer of today’s range hoods scream “look at me!”
Photo by Scot Zimmerman |  Build by Tri-City Construction, Inc. 
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 4. Try Two Tones

Hey, all cabinets don’t have to match. Designers are using two-toned cabinetry to add a fresh look and dimension to their kitchens. This approach allows you to introduce a bold color without overwhelming the room, or if you prefer something more understated, try lighter colors with subtle difference in tones.
Photo by Weston Colton | Design by Jessica Bennett, Christy Klomp and Kristina Kellett, Alice Lane Home Collection 
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 5. Put In a Pantry Wall

A wall of full-height cabinetry provides plentiful storage while relieving the remainder of the room of of the need for bulky upper cabinets. Now you have room to place windows, open shelves, tiled walls and event framed art!
Photo by Scot Zimmerman | Design by Anne-Marie Barton
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6. Build a Banquette

Banquettes and dining nooks are all the rage. Not only do they add seating and dining space to small kitchens without consuming lots of space, but they also create a casual spot for family and friends to gather in the most favorite room in the house. Lift-top benches as well drawers and open shelving installed below the seating can add storage space.
Photo by Scot Zimmerman | Design by Bill Cordray, Teerlink

 7. Hang a Fabulous Fixture for a Pinterest Worthy Kitchen

pinterest_worthy_kitchenOne of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a pop of “wow” is to hang an eye-catching fixture. Not only will it fill the room with character and light, but it will also create a memorable focal point that helps define the room’s style.
Photo by Scot Zimmerman | Design by Elliott Workgroup
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