Mixed media artist Anna Laurie Mackay begins every artistic venture by immersing herself in the land she then translates onto thin Japanese gampi and silk tissue paper. Once her memory manifests itself on canvas, she begins painstakingly cutting the material into thin strips that are methodically weaved together. The tedious process serves as a symbolic deconstruction and reassembly of her encounters. The finished works, like Knot shown above, are recast as artifacts rather than mere images, reflecting Mackay’s attachment to place. 

Anna Laurie Mackay
Lake Interrupted, 2021. Photo courtesy of Modern West.
Anna Laurie Mackay
Tonal Lake, 2021. Photo courtesy of Modern West.


Nature not only influences the work of artist Anna Laurie Mackay, it also inspires the colors chosen for many of today’s most comforting and engaging décors.

You can see more works from Anna Laurie Mackay on exhibit at Modern West now through November 4th.

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