Written by Ashley Baker

 Local artist, Christie Adelle has immersed herself within the art and design community for most of her adult life. With a background in architecture and photography, her work embraces a strong design element with a modern mix. 

We sat down with Adelle for a Q&A about her Utah County based art company. Here, she gives us the rundown on her unique style and inspiration for her creations. 


Let’s jump right in, what inspired you to become an artist?

“Architecture and photography play a huge role in my designs. I’ve always been drawn to the art world, and I believe that the things that we have in our homes are representative of us and our lives.”

Photo courtesy Christie Adelle

Tell me about your artistic style?

“Artwork is personal and everyone has their own style. My artwork is as unique as the individual themselves, but I typically describe it as ultra-modern and more transitional.”


Photo courtesy Christie Adelle

How does your artwork enhance a client’s home?

“I create commissioned pieces so someone, typically, an interior designer or a direct client, will come to me and ask me to create something specifically for them. I’ll also walk through the home with them to determine what will work within the space. When deciding on the best way to enhance a space, it’s a good idea to think about the purpose of the artwork. Is it’s purpose to add drama? For example, in a foyer area, I may use a bold pattern, whereas a smaller design offers less of an impact. Black and white can be used to add a dramatic effect. Its also timeless, you can’t really go wrong with black and white. Incorporating more vibrant artwork is a great way to bring color and warmth to a neutral palette. ”

Photo courtesy Christie Adelle

I have to ask, is there a right or wrong way to hang art?

Typically people hang art too high. Oftentimes, people base it off the height of the ceiling when it should be hung at a human scale. When art is combined in a set, people tend to hang the pieces too far apart, but they still need to have a relationship with each other.  Larger pieces you can space further apart, smaller pieces should be placed closer together. Hiring an interior designer is also helpful.

Photo courtesy Christie Adelle

How does matting and framing affect the dynamic of the artwork?

“The entire piece, from the center all of the way to the edge of the frame is the canvas. The style of the room can determine whether or not a piece should be matted. Some art mixes well with a classic mat setting, but I recommend playing around with various matting styles because sometimes a piece can stand alone. Typically, the artwork in more traditionally designed homes will have a mat, while transitional or modern homes tend to go without.

Framing is just as important as the piece itself. 

This is actually why I wanted to start an artwork company. For me, it’s about the overall presentation of the art. The frame and the matting are all about how you want to present the art into the design.”

Christie Adelle works one-on-one with designers as well as homeowners. She offers various art sizes and she’s able to deliver large pieces locally, at no cost. For more information, visit her website, here and check out her Instagram, here.  

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