All photos by Scot Zimmerman

The holidays are coming, and the holidays bring in company. It’s great to gather together and celebrate. But there might be a downside. Suddenly, a home that seems perfectly adequate doesn’t look as good when you try to look at it from your sister-in-law’s standpoint. It might be time to freshen up, and here are some inspirations for the bathroom. 

In the opening shot, the spacious bathroom designed by AMB (Anne-Marie Barton) and built by Steve Dubell has it all: double vanities, a glassed shower with black marble, a soaking tub designed to fit the body’s contours, and a glamorous ottoman inviting a silk robe to be thrown down in an elegant drape.

Bathroom Inspiration

Newport Beach designer Karen Butera delivers glamour in black and white to a not-very-large space that feels anything but small. A curve brings the vanity forward and the glass and mirrors disappear. 

Bathroom Inspiration

J-Squared Design demonstrates the abundance found in minimalism in this glass against white shower. 

Clive Bridgwater (Bridgwater Development) offers another take on minimalism with glass and white, but introduces warmth in the floor tile, bronze hardware, the rectangular tile panel in rich brown. 

The asymmetrical vanity features a free-standing ceramic bowl in this Old Town historical home redesign in Park City designed by Elliott Work Group and built by Aerie Construction (Mike Mercer). The second shot shows the detail in a larger context with the tub in the same glassed-in enclosure as the shower.

Bathroom Inspiration

Similarly locating the tub and shower in the same glass enclosure, Beth Ann Shepherd (Dressed Design) places a dramatic sheet of stone on the wall. I may be spending too much time in Southern Utah looking at rock art, but I see a figure in the stone. 

Bathroom Inspiration

A wall of the glass shower partially encloses the area for the oval tub in this design by AMB (Anne-Marie Barton).

Thinking about the progression in home design over the last decades, I wonder if the change in bathrooms is the most significant, and it is the bathroom design and features that most date a home?

Certainly, it brings out the skills in the designers and builders who are executing some spectacular rooms.  

If you need even more bathroom inspiration, we have plenty more on our blog.