Imagine this: Deep, saturated colors that are so rich and resplendent that they are called jewel tones after—hold your breath—jewels. You know, the kind mounted on royals’ crowns and clustered on priceless brooches. What if you could deliver this same dazzling combination of color and precious metal to your home? You can. Simply treat this season’s hottest colors like you do everything else in your décor these days: Team them with glittering gold, brass, silver and copper. For inspiration, we paired spectacular fabrics with equally exquisite bracelets. Give you any ideas?

1. Roberto Coin 18k yellow gold Golden Gate bangle ($5,500) gleams on Julie dimensional velvet by Brochier.

2. Mikimoto black pearl and white pearl bracelets ($3,800 and $2,450) bedeck deep-toned Inioui by Casamance.

3. John Hardy modern chain hinged bangle ($1,795) boldly contrasts with embroidered Roi Soleil by Rubelli.

4. Pomellato Tango chain link bracelets in 18k rose gold chain and rose gold brown diamond bracelets ($14,200 and $47,600) elegantly pair with Roi Soleil by Rubelli.

5. Ole Lynggaard silk and metallic leather bracelets ($240-$370) bejeweled by precious stone charms ($1,300 – $1,750) play against the vibrant pattern of woven Frénésie by Casamance.

6. Suna Bros diamond buckle bracelets in 18k yellow gold and 20k rose gold/18k white gold with diamond  ($6,200 and $10,500) glimmer on Enlacez jacquard by Misia.

7. Armenta bracelets in 18k gold and blackened silver with white diamonds, champagne diamonds, and sapphires ($1,990-$7,790) shimmer on Le Grand Rift velvet jacquard by Misia.

8. Hermes Medor watch with diamonds and black alligator strap ($11,700) shines on Fantasque weave by Casamance.

9. John Hardy classic chain bracelets with red and blue sapphire, amethyst and pink spinel clasps ($495-$1,595) shine like stars on Chiaroscuro jacquard by Rubelli.

10. John Hardy narrow silver and gold-dot flex cuffs ($1,195 and $2,950) frame a wider white enamel flex cuff ($1,495) on Montparnos faux fur by Misia.

Bracelets, O.C. Tanner Jewelers, SLC,; Fabrics, available to the trade, John Brooks Inc, SLC

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