Thanks to Conestoga Ranch, there has never been a better time to camp—or for that matter, glamp—at Bear Lake. Set on a hillside overlooking the lake’s brilliant blue waters, Conestoga Ranch offers 11 grand tents with en-suite powder rooms, 14 covered wagons and 11 traditional tents furnished with hotel beds, hand-woven rugs, leather club chairs, Pendleton throws and antique dressers. S’more kits await arriving guests and camp hosts are on-call to safely light (and douse) private campfires. Those famous Bear Lake shakes are just a complimentary cruiser bike-ride away. Luxury ranch lifestyle at Conestoga boasts an open-air dining tent, a game tent, a new event tent (hosting up to 150 guests) and activities including cornhole, lasso roping, horseback riding, wine seminars and stand-up paddleboarding.

TRENDING: Gourmet S’mores

August 10th is National S’mores Day. Are you ready to celebrate? 

Chefs and outdoor lovers alike are reimagining s’mores, the culinary hero of the campfire. The new twist: gourmet marshmallows. The Montage Deer Valley, for example, serves five custom-made mallows (including cinnamon, vanilla and caramel) on their Vista terrace. Specialty grocers also offer a variety of uniquely-flavored marshmallows for creative s’mores makers.

S’mores Basket with Handle, $7, Crate & Barrel, Murray

Lights Out

Looking for a chic, modern way to illuminate outdoor living? These cordless, rechargeable LED lanterns by Ferbob set the scene with soft light and are designed to sit on a table or hang from a stand.

Starting at $108, Ward & Child—The Garden Store

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