Never before have we all been so aware of the importance of medical diagnostics as in the midst of this pandemic. BioFire’s new office and warehouse complex near the airport, built by Okland Construction and designed by FFKR Architects, gives this company the additional space they need for this consequential work. 

The welcoming lobby sets the fresh tone for this cutting-edge company. At the far end is one of two employee cafeterias: one for the “clean” side of the plant and the other for employees who don’t need to follow special protocols. 

BioFire, Office Complex, Warehouse Complex, Parking, Solar Panels
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

The building functions like a small campus. The glassed portion is offices and the extension behind has industrial, warehouse, and more office space. Employees enjoy covered parking with solar panels installed on the south-sloping car canopies. 

Conference Room, Office, BioFire
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

With two sides floor-to-ceiling glass, the conference room perches at the south side of the building. The wood slat ceiling over the adjacent stairway adds some organic warmth. 

BioFire, Collaboration Space, Open Office
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

The glass partially buffers the activity in the collaboration space from the open offices beyond.

BioFire, Office Complex, Warehouse Complex
Photo by Scot Zimmerman.

The building’s proportions and transitions in materials make the building so interesting, it is possible to overlook the size. However, my fitness tracker measured the hallway from front to rear of the building at more than a quarter mile.

For the photos, I relied on the natural light in the offices and the artificial lights in the warehouse and industrial portions. Employees were hard at work, and my quick look at their intensity and focus made me feel that the future of diagnostics is in good hands. 

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