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Brad and Hailey Devine
“We wanted a relaxed, peaceful space,” explains homeowner Hailey Devine, describing the light-filled family room anchored by a towering fireplace finished in concrete-look plaster. “It’s the centerpiece of our home,” she says. The House of Jade design team conceived a neutral palette for this and other main-level spaces, allowing rich textures, engaging materials and organic forms to prevail. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

In South Jordan, social media stars Brad and Hailey Devine create a personalized family home inspired by travel, family history and a love of laid-back, culturally-driven design. 

Brad and Hailey Devine
Social media celebrities Brad and Hailey Devine with their girls Lucy and Greta.
Brad and Hailey Devine
“We wanted it to feel separate from our home environment,” says Hailey, explaining the décor of the office she and Brad share. Handsome arched doors open to the room dramatically dressed in a dark charcoal-colored paint. An Ace chandelier by Troy Lighting hangs above a table from Crate & Barrel. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

“This has been our biggest adventure yet,” exclaims Hailey Devine, describing the new home she and husband Brad recently completed for their young family. That’s saying something, given the fact that these social media stars have explored the world as a video production team before creating “Somewhere Devine”—a website sharing a behind-the-scenes look at their global travels. That was thirteen years ago, and now the duo has children, a red-hot social following and, as their latest YouTube series “Making a House a Home” celebrates, a fabulous new family home in South Jordan.

Scandinavian chairs, Wood table, Dining room, Chandelier, Oil paintings
Black Scandinavian-style chairs surround a rustic wood table in the dining room, where an Arteriors chandelier enlivens the space. “It has collected feel, yet formal look,” Hailey says. The small oil paintings are from House of Jade Interiors. Photo by Lindsay Salazar
Brad and Hailey Devine, Gallery wall
A gallery wall captures family photos from time spent in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

A love of family drove the home’s design from the get-go. “Home is really about family and a place to gather,” says Hailey, referring to more than her immediate clan of Brad and their girls Lucy and Greta. She’s talking about heritage and family history, things that mean the world to this couple. “Brad is half English and half Chilean, and my family’s roots are in Norway,” she explains. The young family traveled to their homelands to gather inspiration, memories and treasures for the new house. “We wanted to engrave our family history into our children’s hearts and into the walls of our home.” 

Kitchen, Plaster finish, Range, Open shelves, Montclair White quartz, Kitchen island, Cabinets
The kitchen’s feature wall boasts a concrete-look plaster finish that accentuates a simple range hood and alder open shelves stacked with dinnerware, art and keepsakes. Montclair White quartz tops a storage-rich island with cabinets that store the girl’s easy-to-access crafts and toys. Photo by Lindsay Salazar
Brad and Hailey Devine, Kitchen shelf, Landscape painting
Set high on a kitchen shelf, a landscape painting fosters the room’s timeless, collected style. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

The Devines teamed with contractor Holmes Homes to build and customize their dream dwelling. Among the house’s many unique features are arches inspired by dwellings they admired in Kensington, England and Chile. The largest of the interior arches connects the family room and kitchen. “We changed it from eight to ten feet high to really open the spaces,” Hailey recalls. Soaring ceilings, a two-story plastered fireplace and white walls create an airy backdrop for the Devines’ personalized décor. 

Brad and Hailey Devine, Arch, Kitchen, Family room, White beadboard, Wood beams, Norwegian detailing
“It’s like a giant rainbow,” says Krason describing the 10-foot-high arch connecting the kitchen and family room. White beadboard and wood beams adorn the kitchen ceiling with Norwegian detailing. Photo by Lindsay Salazar
Interior designers Erin Morgan and Kirsten Krason, House of Jade Interiors. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

The couple always knew the ambiance they wanted, but confess that they weren’t sure about the actual design. “I wanted it to feel collected and lived in, but I didn’t know how it should look,” Hailey admits. Fortunately, she says, they turned to House of Jade Interiors’ Kirsten Krason and Erin Morgan to bring their ideas to life. “They are so talented, and they really nailed it,” Hailey cheers. 

Brad and Hailey Devine, Hood, Cafe range, Mixed metal accents
A simply shaped hood crowns Hailey’s must-have Café range featuring a white finish and mixed metal accents. Photo by Lindsay Salazar 
Cocktail table
“We call this Pride Rock,” jokes Hailey, describing the family room’s live edge cocktail table. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

“The Devines have a very distinct style, so we took their vision and made it tangible,” says designer Krason, who is also Hailey’s friend and former neighbor. Working closely with the couple, the design duo devised a décor they describe as a rustic Scandinavian modern style that is cozy and warm. “We walked a fine line to balance all of these elements,” Krason says. In the family room, for example, they juxtaposed the modern-style plastered fireplace and neutral color palette with a live edge cocktail table, woven cane-back chair, textured fabrics and a flourishing fiddle-leaf fig. In the lightly-decorated master suite, the team furnished the bedroom space with a modern chaise, unmatched end tables and a bed loosely dressed in linen. “The bed looks pretty even when it is unmade,” Hailey says. Clean-lined pencil molding creates a graphic pattern that animates the headboard wall and traverses the ceiling to the opposite wall. Arched double doors open to a white bathroom enriched with natural wood cabinets, a modern orb pendant light and large-scale porcelain floor tiles. 

Brad and Hailey Devine, Ping pong table, Game room, Floor-to-ceiling niche, Stacked firewood
“The lower level is all about fun,” Krason says. A modern ping-pong table anchors the game room. A floor-to-ceiling niche artfully stores stacked firewood. Photo by Lindsay Salazar
Kitchenette, Sconce, Gallery wall
Hailey envisioned the collected look of the lower level kitchenette where black Mitzi sconces illuminate a gallery wall composed by House of Jade Interiors. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

Hailey’s favorite room is the kitchen. “We wanted to create a hybrid of a traditional Chilean feria mixed with a British cottage and a Norwegian cafe,” Hailey chuckles. “This is what we came up with.” The back wall—finished with concrete-look plaster—is an eye-catching backdrop for white cabinetry and open shelves stacked with everyday dishes, keepsakes, art and handmade pottery. Above the storage-rich island, industrial-style pendants drop from a ceiling clad in beadboard accented with exposed beams. “You see beadboard and beams in Norwegian homes,” Hailey explains. Integrated appliances, quartz countertops and a neutral palette foster the kitchen’s nurturing Scandinavian vibe. The adjoining breakfast nook hosts a concrete table paired with benches that help make the compact are feel more spacious. 

Brad and Hailey Devine, Pencil molding, Linen bedding, Woven rugs, End tables, Pendant lights, Master bedroom
Pencil molding artfully details the master bedroom’s walls and ceiling. Textured linen bedding and woven rugs enrich the room while small end tables, tiny pendant lights and a simply upholstered bed foster a serene, uncluttered style. Photo by Lindsay Salazar
Bedside table, Vintage camera
One of two mismatched bedside table displays a vintage camera. “It looks like a tree in our bedroom,” Hailey says. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

Brad favors the couple’s stylized office located off the home’s entry. “The star of the office is its doors,” says Krason, describing a pair of glass-paned arched doors opening to a room dramatically cloaked in near-black paint covering the ceiling as well as the shiplap-clad walls. “The color actually makes the room feel larger,” Krason explains. A chic Troy ceiling light hangs above a geometrically shaped wood table, mixing modern and organic styles. To foster a creative, collected and well-traveled look, Hailey and Brad added a gallery wall of family photos, antique leather books and a treasured vintage camera purchased on London’s famed Portobello Road. “The Devines love to have things that speak to who they are,” says Krason, describing a personalized thread that links every room in the home, from the main level’s welcoming living areas to a fun-filled lower level and tranquil sleeping spaces. 

Brad and Hailey Devine, Master bathroom, Floating vanity, Wall mirrors
Arched double doors open to the master bathroom, where a floating vanity, individual wall mirrors and lighting from Hudson Valley’s Mitzi collection deliver a relaxed, upbeat style to the light-filled space. Photo by Lindsay Salazar
Wood vanity, Open shelves, Porcelain tile, Master bathroom
A wood vanity, stained the same shade as the kitchen’s open shelves for design continuity, floats above a floor covered in large-scale porcelain tiles. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

The new home captures the couple’s adventurous spirit while also calming it. “This house has turned me into a total homebody,” Hailey says with a laugh. “We were always flying by the seat of our pants, traveling like crazy. Now I love being at home.”

Brad and Hailey Devine, Stump table, Freestanding tub, Master bathroom
The organic shape of a stump table contrasts with the modern lines of a freestanding tub. Photo by Lindsay Salazar
Fireplace, Plaster molding, Textured poofs
A treasured travel photo hangs above the lower level’s fireplace framed with large-scale plaster molding. Textured poofs provide easy-to-move seating to the cozy space. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

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