Brandon Bodell began his career framing homes in Deer Valley. Over the past two decades, his passion has expanded from those humble roots to building and remodeling some of the most breathtaking custom homes in Utah.

The secret sauce is his hands-on approach. “I am a smaller boutique shop, so I can meet clients on-site when they want to meet,” he says. “They can ask cost questions and make decisions right there. No lag time waiting for a response.”

Brandon Bodell Construction

Rising interest rates and inflation means high prices for labor and material. That’s why it is even more important to find a contractor that is as financially invested in your project as you are. “I shop materials to make sure that my clients get the best pricing,” he says. “We’re team members. I want to figure out how to make their budgets work.” 

Everyone wants an easy building process, so Bodell hires some of the best designers and craftsmen in the state. “Our core group of interior designers, suppliers and contractors deliver high-quality service,” he says.

Brandon Bodell Construction

“We specialize in the unique—every home needs to tell its own story. I bring out elements of my client’s personality and construct a home that reflects who they are. We all work as a team to make sure the design flows and the client is completely satisfied with the end result.” —brandon bodell, owner.

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Sourcing and resourcing natural light. We’re transforming dark, damp rooms like pantries and closets into splendid sun-drenched spaces. We’re excited to build homes that reflect traditional architecture; each room has access to the exterior, allowing beautiful sunlight to flood the home. 


I love unique projects, proposing ideas and getting creative. Every house is different and I get so energized by the daily problem solving inherent in this job. If it’s important to my clients, it’s important to me. I am invested as they are. I want them to just love their homes.  


Limestone with custom-shaped curves and/or aging techniques. Instead of straight stones, opt for a taper, swoop or beveled edge. Use these limestone designs to create patterns in key exterior elements such as front doors or entries as well as interior focal points or fireplaces. 

Brandon Bodell Construction

686 Stokes Avenue, Draper

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