Brandon Bodell began his career framing homes in Deer Valley. Over the past two decades, his passion has expanded from those humble roots to building and remodeling some of the most breathtaking custom homes in Utah.

The secret sauce is his hands-on approach. “I am a smaller, boutique shop, so I can meet clients onsite when they want to meet,” he says. “They can ask cost questions and make decisions right there. No lag time waiting for a response.”

Brandon Bodell Construction
Photo by Joshua Caldwell

He only takes on a few select projects at a time and assembles the budget himself so projects move along faster. “Budgets are completely transparent from start to finish,” he says. “Clients never have to wonder where their money is going or if they can afford an upgrade.” 

And that makes for a fun, clean, and easy building process—especially when you’re working with some of the best designers and craftsmen in the state. “Our core group of interior designers, suppliers and contractors deliver high-quality service,” he says. 

“We specialize in the unique–every home needs to tell its own story. I love to bring out elements of my client’s personality and craft them into the home.”— Brandon Bodell, Owner

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It’s been a challenging year. Many of the traditional materials that were available are still on back order. So we’re getting creative with available resources to either finish projects or design something new that clients love even more than their original visions.


Exterior elements such as fascia details, soffits and rafters. Architects are really pushing design in Utah and it’s fun to build these cutting-edge homes.


Enhance your home’s unique personality with window wrap details, exterior elements, roof, rain gutters, masonry or siding. 

Brandon Bodell Construction

686 Stokes Ave., Draper

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