Inspired by autumn’s softer side, Leuca Floral’s Conner Nesbit chose dried date palm, golden fern and bunny tail grass to bring an otherwise late-summer pairing of glowing gazania and yellow lilies into the next season. Delicate carnations, banksia protea and hanging amaranth add bold texture while framing the main blooms in natural beauty. 


Now is the perfect time to forage gardens and open fields for branches, brambles and foliage to fill out autumn arrangements. And don’t overlook dried grasses, ferns, berries and seed pods. They can add surprising form and gorgeous texture to your creations. To get the most hydrated cuttings, harvest them in the morning hours and make certain to give them a good shake to rid them of bugs before bringing the cuttings indoors. Remove any leaves that fall below your arrangement’s waterline as submerged foliage can rot and foster bacterial growth. 

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.