Not many happy valleys, such as our own, boast an internationally acclaimed, full-service interior design firm, happily run by a little (growing) family and their team of first-rate designers. But, we sure do.
Studio McGee has established itself in the Greater Salt Lake area and beyond as one of the most informed and desired design companies whose aesthetic is not only high-end and sophisticated, but wholly warm, welcoming, and attainable.
I was first drawn to Studio McGee’s bright look over a year ago, and was happy to find a bustling business behind the to-die-for design. And, what has kept me going back to their archives is that same bright and bustling energy, a company infused with constant growth, perpetual progress, and unceasing style.
Studio McGee
Shea McGee began working for herself several years ago out of Orange County, with little more than a handful of clients and no intention of expanding her vibrant interior ventures. However, a husband-slash-business-partner, a move and a new office space later, Studio McGee now boasts a booming design firm with 15 adroit employees and international clientele.
Shea remarks that “the process has been both extremely grueling and rewarding. Although we expected the business to do well, we didn’t anticipate how quickly it [would grow].”
Studio McGee
Studio McGee offers a wide range of interior services, from entire home remodels to room-by-room guidance and inspiration.
As a renting city resident myself, with a temporary lease but an extreme thirst for home-decor dabbling, I have swarmed to Studio McGee’s methods time and time again. Their aesthetic is high-end, crisp, and polished, yes, but it remains welcoming, warm and livable too, an attribute attractive to both rooted home-renovators and temporary city-livers alike.
Studio McGee
“That is exactly what we hope to create when designing,” Shea explains, “a space that is clean and elegant with warm surroundings. I find that achieving a high-end look is easy if you are shopping from the right sources. However, it’s making those nice pieces feel inviting that is the tricky part! Our aesthetic is all about mixing old with new, modern with traditional, and high and low pieces together.”
Studio McGee
Shea works as the creative director and head designer for Studio McGee, along with her team of lead and junior designers, interns and operation specialists. Her husband, Syd McGee, handles all the behind-the-scenes work.
“Of course it’s challenging to keep up with our demand, but we’re grateful for the flexibility to spend a lot of time together as a family.” Now who wouldn’t want to work with this dynamic team?!
The McGees’ attention to detail, as well as their deep regard for one another and their work, make for some truly stunning spaces.
Studio McGee
The Studio McGee team recently celebrated their first birthday and to really mark their progress, opened a new office space in Holladay, Ut.
“Excited hardly covers our feelings about the new Holladay location,” Shea explains.“We are just ecstatic to have our own bathrooms and ample storage space for all of our samples! Our new studio space will be part showroom too, so we have plans to grow the product side of our business.”
Studio McGee
Through Studio McGee, clients and customers can be guided to the perfect at-home pieces and purchases with minimal hand-holding required (unless you preferred that – I doubt they’d be too opposed). Their designers and buyers are ready to stop, shop and roll out all the best interpretations of your interior interests.
Studio McGee also offers an E-Design feature with services for both local and distant design clients. This online process is perfect for the patron in need of a “plan and vision for their home, [who might] want to implement it at their own pace,” Shea explains.
“We develop the space plan, décor details, and give the client an exact guide to implementing on their own… Because there is far less time involved during the E-Design process, it has made good design accessible and more affordable for many people.”
It seems this is the case with Studio McGee: they’ve an interest in bringing high quality design and timeless interior charm to the masses. A sort of design-world benefactor, if you will. And quite plainly, if that’s their platform, they’ve got my vote!
Spend some delightful time on Studio McGee’s website and Instagram page for more aesthetic enjoyments and design inspiration. And now that you’re so well-acquainted, stop by their Holladay showroom and give Studio McGee some well-deserved love.
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By Grace Cheney, Photos from Studio McGee

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