Holidays + Celebrations

Warm weather and long days mean it’s time for Utah summer festivals, art fairs and marketplaces. We've tracked down everything from family outings to creative date nights to weekend getaways you won't want to miss. Mark your calendars for these upcoming town celebrations and one-of-a-kind festivals:
There aren't plenty of other ways to celebrate Independence Day. Here's what you need to know to experience Fourth of July in Utah.
Whether you’re in the mood for a high-energy drag performance or an evening of barhopping, we’ve got you covered with this all-inclusive Guide to Pride in Utah.
Utah Mother's Day
Celebrate Mother's Day at an upscale brunch at one of Utah’s finest hotels, a few casual drinks or a foolproof dinner to serve at home
Marked by the refreshing air of spring and the lengthening hours of daylight, Easter is the perfect time to host family and friends for brunch.
It’s not too late, to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration for you and your plus one. Here is a guide to Valentine's Day in Utah.
On December 31, staying home and curating your own New Year's Eve cocktail recipes can be as alluring, if not more so, than going out.
The annual Holiday Window Stroll at The Grand America evokes fond memories for many Utahns, and this year the displays are better than ever.
Elegance and heartiness in one bite—that’s duck, the chef’s choice. Even the late Julia Child chose duck as her ideal birthday dinner when she wrote “Julia Child and Company.” These days nearly every upscale restaurant serves some kind of duck dish. No, it’s still not as popular...
Here, we’ve gathered our favorite Christmas mantels from Instagram that will warm your heart, home and feed.