Photo by Lindsay Salazar
As the following Utah homes show, there are many inspiring ways to integrate the charm and style of a garden swing into your yard.
The best way to enjoy both your dog and backyard, is to implement dog-friendly landscaping both you and fido can live with
When it comes to shapely shade-lovers, few plants overshadow the hosta as a favorite for Utah’s sun-dappled gardens.
JB Leonard from Salt Lake City's own Backyard Birds offers tips and tricks to creating a bird-friendly yard.
Northland Design looked to this home's bold architecture for his lead when creating the foreground's angular gardens and linear landscape.
During the past 25 years, we have meandered through many flower beds, crossed countless lawns and trekked up and down endless hillsides in search of beautiful gardens and landscapes to showcase in our pages. Most often, we were guided by walkways that were designed as much for...
Ginger Belnap, owner and principal landscape designer of Meadow Brook Design, offers her top five tips for spring landscaping.
Four quick-n-dirty vegetable and herb varieties that you can get into the ground (or a patio garden box) just in time for spring gardening.
wintertime houseplant care
Expert Melinda Meservy provides some tips for nurturing and caring for houseplants during winter.
The indoor houseplant craze is expected to continue in 2022, and local experts are chiming in with their favorite trends.