Striking overhead structures and ceilings can transform patios, porches and decks into shaded outdoor sanctuaries.
Red Hills Desert Garden
The sculptural drama at Red Hills Desert Garden inspires these fresh-picks to style up your outdoor garden decor.
To make the most of the season's star, Robert Upwall of Every Blooming Thing offers tips on cutting, preserving and arranging dahlias.
Striking overhead structures can transform patios, porches and decks into shaded sanctuaries with all the comfort of indoor rooms.
Garden designer Heidi Fischio-Brewer added experiential, dynamic garden plants to the property’s extraordinary landscape by Northland Design.
Northland Design creates an enchanting outdoor oasis complete with extraordinary structures, dazzling water features and lush gardens.
The Rose Garden at Utah's Red Butte Garden inspires fresh-picked finds and fixtures for stylish outdoor living.
Landscape Architects at Northland Design transform an Alpine mountainside property into a hillside paradise with a Tuscan-inspired landscape.
Care for Hostas
To grow and care for your own shade-loving hostas, we offer the following tips and tricks.
Photo by Lindsay Salazar
As the following Utah homes show, there are many inspiring ways to integrate the charm and style of a garden swing into your yard.