It's Cinco de Mayo season, and it's time to get mashing. But before you do, prepare the paste.
It's exactly what you expect. The subdued lighting, plinky global music, trickling Buddhish water features, a hint of eucalyptus in the air and, of course, the robes. I always find it strange to strip down and cruise around in a fluffy robe and mingle with other people, also in...
fresh pea recipes
If you’re craving the fresh, verdant flavor of spring, pick peas. Here are four recipes to expand your diet of the perfect little vegetable.
Warmer weather arrives and our appetite for mixed salads instantly intensifies. And why not? These 3 recipes will satisfy your springtime salad cravings.
Waffle recipes
Light and airy on the inside and golden and crispy on the outside—it’s the perfect waffle. Add unique toppings and you’ll have a new go-to for delicious, around-the-clock dishes, savory or sweet.
Chef Matthew Safranek of Park City restaurant 350 Main is sharing a trout chowder recipe that's proven to boost moods and warm the soul.

Soup’s On

During the winter, there are few things as satisfying as a bowl of soup. Here are a few expert tips for making delicious homemade soup.
Snowpine Lodge nods to Alta’s silver-mining past while boasting rustic elements that team with luxe design details at every turn

Holiday Cheers

The current vogue for cocktails has revived interest in the champagne cocktail, just in time for the holiday season.
Last month, our friends at Salt Lake Magazine hosted their annual cocktail contest featuring 12 of the city's best drink-slingers.