Bed + Bath

Power Couples

Showers are becoming more popular than bathtubs, according to the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association). But that doesn't mean you have to choose between one or the other. As many of the striking bathrooms at this year's Park City Showcase of Homes prove, these two elements can come together...
Looking for some splashy bathroom sink design ideas? We rounded up some of the showiest vessels and bowls from the recent St. George Parade of Homes. House to house, bathroom design was, dare we say, awash with style.
Who says beds have to back to walls? From what I am seeing, certainly not today's innovative designers. They're floating beds in rooms with sensational results. Check these out, they may inspire you to liberate your bed as well.
Few things add character and coziness to a room like built-in window seats.

Quiet Please

Forget loud, overworked and oversized. This modestly sized Millcreek bathroom proves clean design and simple details can soak a space in calm, comforting and ultra-cool style.

Take the Plunge

Want to transform your bathroom into a style-soaked sanctuary? Two words: freestanding tub.
Six ways to shape and style your showers, inside and outside of today's splashy bathrooms.

Rock Stars

A solid choice for bathrooms, stone is making a splash in some showy, surprising ways.