Representing more than 50 unique decorative tile lines, Inside Out Architecturals boasts an intriguing collection of tile options.
If your home needs a fresh take, the expert designers at Helm can help you create the spaces that fit your lifestyle.
Gatehouse No. 1
With an unflinching dedication to high quality, Gatehouse No. 1 can help you create a space that is functional, practical and beautiful.
If you’re looking for that perfect stone or tile, visit the European Marble & Granite showrooms. They carry all the classics, especially in natural stone, as well as all the latest quarry discoveries
Dara Modern
Want something really different and daring? Dara Modern offers hip furniture and home accessories, ranging from chic, to unique, to modern.
With a wide array of quality home furnishings, accessories, custom window treatments and wall coverings to choose from, there’s no limit to what you can create.
K. Rocke
Designing livable, artistic spaces that create a comfortable context for people as their lives evolve is a passion for acclaimed designer Kristin Rocke, owner of K. Rocke Interior Design. For the past 17 years, this Utah-based interior design firm has been completing uniquely designed and influential interiors coast-to-coast and across...
Ivy Interiors
Twenty-eight years ago, husband and wife team Brad and Lynne Davis manufactured sofas in the back of their store warehouse. Today, the duo owns Ivy Interiors, a thriving furniture and design business in the heart of Millcreek. “We understand what makes high-quality furniture because we used to make it,”...
Inside Out Architecturals, Inc.
Last year brought our attention at Inside Out Architecturals to the importance of comfort, safety and functionality in our own personal spaces. With the challenge to balance home and work life within the same dwelling, people are discovering ways to creatively isolate office spaces from general living spaces. Some people also need...
Lighting adds ambiance to a space. For the artisans at Hammerton, ambience is a personal experience and customization is the ultimate expression of luxury. Hammerton is a decorative lighting manufacturer with deep custom design and fabrication capabilities in artisan glass, metalwork and other handcrafted materials. What began with two young men...