The newest way to satisfy your craving for last year’s blue is to treat your décor to this year’s “it color,” teal.  Like ubiquitous blue, teal is cool and comforting, but its green cast makes it more nurturing, invigorating and exotic. With shades ranging from deep aqua to saturated peacock, teal pairs well with white and cream for a serene, soothing effect. It also harmonizes beautifully with terra-cotta and warm browns, and gets all moody when married to rich emerald and dark navy. Add a shot of hot pink, sunny yellow or bright lime and this all-the-rage color instantly turns playful and ready for poolside.

1. Mrs. Robinson from Rubelli 
2. Paysage from Casamance 
3. Shibori Wall – Pavone from Rubelli
4. Anaconda from Casamance
5. Rhapsody Rustica Cowhide from Townsend Leather
6. Duvel Cowhide from Townsend Leather
7. Lucido from Holland & Sherry
8. Eden from Holland & Sherry
9. Labirinto from Brochier
10. Bloody Mary from Rubelli
11. Santorini from Donghia
12. Mirafiore from Rubelli
13. Reflet from Casamance
14. Molene from Camengo
15. Santorini from Chella
16. Montecristo from Casamance
17. Lush from Calvin Fabrics
18. Moire from Brochier
19. Velours from Rubelli
20. Galway from Camengo
21. Victoria from Casamance
22. Phalguna from Casamance
23. Bacan Turchese from Brochier
24. Vermeer from Rubelli
25. Mr. Rowe from Ferrick Mason by Alex K. Mason

All available to the trade, John Brooks Inc., SLC; Glass balls and Iittala glass bird from Ward & Child—The Garden Store, SLC.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.