Plant them now and enjoy them throughout summer.

Cucumbers are a staple for warm-weather party trays, easy-to-make appetizers and simple snacks. With this in mind, Burpee’s crop of new introductions includes a 4-inch, thin-skinned “Party Time” cucumber, perfect for small gardens and mini-cuke dipping.

Cucumbers 101

  • Select cucumbers with uniformly deep green skin and no soft spots
  • Store cucumbers in a refrigerator crisper for up to a week. They will wilt when keep at room temperature. Unwaxed cucumbers should be wrapped tightly in plastic to retain their moisture.
  • Serve unwaxed cucumbers peeled or unpeeled. Waxed cucumbers are best peeled before they are eaten.


Cucumbers are easy to grow but require good soil, lots of sun and consistent watering. According to the garden pros at USU, cucumbers can be grown from seed or transplants. (Allow 4-6 weeks to grow transplants.) Plant seeds when soil temperature is 65°F or after all frost danger has passed. In rows 4 feet apart, plant four to six seeds into 1-inch-deep holes, with 12-18 inches between each planting. After they have two leaves, thin to two plants per location. Transplants should also be planted in rows 4 feet apart, with 2 feet of distance between each planting. Water deeply and infrequently, applying 1-2 inches per week depending on plant size. After the vines develop runners and before the plants begin to flower, side dress each plant with 3-4 tablespoons of a nitrogen fertilizer (21-0-0), sprinkled around the plant, then water in the fertilizer. For more, visit

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