When local tastemaker Courtney Grow began decorating her new home in Orem, her first thought was to step outside the box. “In total opposition to the less-is-more mentality, I’m a big believer in more being more,” says Grow. “I wanted my home to be full of eye-catching and interesting furniture and objects. Whether it’s an unexpected texture or a piece that comes from another place or another time, my goal was to have a home that felt like it was furnished from the overstock of a museum rather than a catalog.” This translated to a high-low mix of modern and traditional pieces, layered textures and patterns, moments of color, and unique lighting and accessories for a cool, collected look. Here, Grow offers three decorating tips for curating a stylish abode.

Photo by Rebekah Westover


Pack a design punch with unexpected details, like a jaw-dropping powder room. “Courtney needed a jewel box,” says Snow of the gem-sized room. “We wanted a space that felt moody and romantic—like a night out.” The duo spent a lot of time looking for the right wallpaper and ultimately landed on a print by Morris & Co. “A powder room is a great space for a beloved wallpaper—it can have its own little moment,” notes Snow. In a nod to her shopping skills and knack for sourcing special pieces, Grow found the gold swan faucet after scouring the Internet for fixtures. “She takes such fun risks,” says Snow, whether that’s a fowl-themed faucet or a pair of dazzling shrimp-shaped earrings. 

Photo by Rebekah Westover


Learn when to splurge and when to save. Grow’s followers know she loves a good high-low pairing—she waxes equally poetic about affordable finds from H&M and more splurge-worthy pieces by brands like Khaite. The same is true when it comes to her home décor. “Courtney has an elegance, glamour and sophistication that is really special and magnetic, but she’s also grounded, approachable and witty,” says Creer. Being mindful of budget, the team invested in foundational items like rugs and upholstery, focusing on high-quality pieces and high-performance fabrics that will stand the test of time, just like a classic cashmere sweater or a great pair of leather boots. 

Photo by Rebekah Westover


Don’t be afraid to team old favorites with new finds. “Getting a good mix of traditional and modern items was important for us—we were inspired by the past but also wanted things to feel fresh and current,” explains Snow. Pairing contemporary pieces with special treasures from estate sales and the Grows’ travels lent a collected vibe to the overall décor. In the formal living room, for example, a gallery wall of special pieces gathered by the Grows hangs above a sleek mahogany console, part of the FG x CG collab. In the dining room, a vintage hutch and stately dining set hold court against the au courant wall color and lighting. 

Grow recently collaborated with Foundation Goods on an exclusive home accessories line, learn more about the collection here!