Gatehouse No. 1 and their team of holiday-decor masters offer tips for the perfectly trimmed Christmas tree, using items from their 2023 Gatehouse Holiday Collection. Photos via Gatehouse No. 1.

Full Volume

Everyone knows to fluff their holiday tree’s branches upon removing it from storage, but Gatehouse No. 1’s pros recommend taking things a step further by accenting your tree’s natural volume with supplemental greenery sprays.

Gatehouse’s winter collection includes a variety of evergreen supplementals, from fronds to garlands, to help your tree look its fullest this holiday season. Garlands and juniper sprays blend effortlessly into the bottom of a tree for extra fill, while fun additions such as their Cyprus, hare’s tail, and mini pine cone sprays make for unique tree toppers.

Select Your Color Scheme

Whether you’re a winter white lover or a festive palette fan, the tree is the place to establish your holiday aesthetic. Gatehouse’s shop features a grand selection of ornaments, ribbons and accents for any taste.

Their decorator’s top combinations for a sleek ornament palette include:



Mixed Metals




Ginger Brown

Forest Green



Trim and Fill

Believe it or not, there is a correct way to arrange the ornaments on your tree. According to the Gatehouse No. 1 team, it’s all about balance. At the base of the tree (approximately the bottom 2/3), the designers recommend one large ornament per every foot of surface area. Place your ornaments in arrangements of three – never two colors next to each other – for a lush palette from every angle. Once closer to the top, you may begin to thin out your ornament placement, but keep with those triangle arrangements. As a general rule, Gatehouse recommends one ornament per every foot of tree, with groupings of 3-4 specialty ornaments interspersed as well.

Photo via Gatehouse No. 1

For added flair, remove those standard-issue bulb hooks and opt for a chic ribbon to affix your ornaments to each branch. “Ribbons bring in another texture, as well as another pop of color to your design.”


The final key to a show-stopping Christmas tree is well-curated variety. Dainty bell clusters, elegant woven wreaths, wood bead garlands and eye-catching accent ornaments all serve as accent pieces to help your tree exude class, texture and high design. See if a few favorites from Gatehouse No. 1’s Holiday collection fit the bill for your home’s holiday decor:

Try it Out

Try your hand at these tips using the Gatehouse No. 1 recipe for success:

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