Patios and other outdoor living spaces aren’t just made to be enjoyed when the sun is up. We turned to some of our favorite designers for out of the box landscape lighting ideas that can brighten any outdoor space long after sunset.

1. Waterfall Lighting by Tri-City Construction

innovative landscape lighting waterfall
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Dan and Heidi Stewart of Tri-City Construction added drama and flair with these small lights illuminating every detail of this waterfall. See more of this yard here.

2. Built-in Track Lighting by Jayson King

innovative landscape lighting hidden track lighting
Photo by Alan & Whitney Wilbur

Jayson King with Landform Design Group built a Park City backyard from the ground up, and added a little more shine with custom track lighting along these water features. See more of the landscape here.

3. Freestanding Fireplace by Jackson & Leroy

innovative landscape lighting fireplace
Photo by Joshua Caldwell & Russell Chandler Ford

Fire elements add style, light and warmth to any space, and this striking piece makes a huge statement. See more of this home here.

4. Serene Pool Lighting by Jayson King

innovative landscape lighting pool side
Photos by Russell Chandler Ford

Although not in the same vein as other landscape projects, these dainty pool lights set the mood exquisitely. See more of this Park City Home here.

5. Colorful Splash Pad Lighting by Northland Design Grouplandscape lighting splash pad kids

Who says lighting can’t be whimsical? Northland Design marries fun with flair in a kids’ splash pad feature at this Riverton home. The space also features a regal fireplace for added warmth and light.  See more water features here.