LMK INTERIOR DESIGN is one of the most progressive contemporary design firms in the western region. Founded more than 18 years ago, this award-winning firm was at the forefront of modern design and still leads the region for high-end residential and commercial interiors. LMK Interior Design combines the passion for interior design and shared aesthetic sensibility of partners Rion Locke and Richard Miller. This dynamic team offers diverse options and expert guidance to help you create the home of your dreams.

LMK Interior Design is a full-service design firm providing comprehensive interior services including construction management, interior architectural design, specification of materials, space planning, furnishing and accessorizing. Through the use of Auto CAD and other state-of-the-art technology, LMK Interior Design creates detailed construction documents that help with accurate bidding, budget and scheduling requirements.

LMK Interior Design’s signature style brings out the personality of its clients while introducing fresh elements into the existing environment.

“We’re committed to the principles of simplicity and modernism.”

Rion Locke and Richard Miller/Partners

Ask the Expert

What’s Ahead:

Miller: We don’t pay much attention to trends. We like clean lines and classic shapes and furnishings. To keep it classic, we mix the finishes such as pairing dark, light and grey tones where they all relate to each other. 

Excited About:

Locke: Going to the market and seeing all the accessories including lamps, artwork, mirrors and rugs—and then bringing those ideas to our design. We love using patterned fabrics in different textures and colors as accents. 

Fresh Ideas:

Locke: Updated classic styles, unexpected mixes, double islands and gravity-defying islands with material finishes. 


4626 S. Highland Dr., SLC


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