For those who have been holding out from adorning the home with cheerful Christmas decor, the time has finally come for full-fledged festivity. Decorating for the holidays means relinquishing an autumnal palette for deep evergreens and effervescent metallics; warming the entryway with garlands and tinsel; and illuminating the home with Christmas lights both inside and out. Of course the largest, and often daunting task, is trimming the tree.

As the anchor of your home’s seasonal spirit, your Christmas tree should express style, personality and tradition. Choose a theme and make it your own, whether that be natural elegance or all-out Christmas glamour. Once you’ve found inspiration, it’s time to get trimming. Follow these five easy tips to decorate your tree like a pro. 

Decorating Your Christmas Tree
Photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

Light It Up

The right Christmas lights draw attention and admiration to your tree. Pre-lit trees save you the stress of stringing up lights, but they also limit creativity. Instead, dress a plain tree with twinkling lights you can switch up each year. Experts recommend 100 bulbs for every 2ft of tree, so an 8ft tree would require about 400 bulbs or 20 metres of light. 

For an extra personal touch, swap out traditional incandescent lights for a flashier substitute. Globe lights and LED lights have become popular pine accessories, and emit a soft glow that warms any holiday display. If a retro look is what you seek, bubble lights add unique luminescence to your tree. 

Pick Your Fillers 

Filling your tree with sprigs of eucalyptus or frosted cranberries introduce pops of color and dimension to your tree. Following the rule of three, bundle sprays together and layer into your tree. Be sure to guide the stems of each pick along the trunk of your tree so they sit at a natural angle. Garlands make great fillers as well; drape them around your tree and tuck inward for a billowy effect. 

Pro tip: The decorating team at Gatehouse No.1 advise 1 filler pick per foot of your tree

Start At The Top

When you’re ready to dress your Christmas tree, experts at Gatehouse No. 1 suggest starting at the top. Place your largest ornaments first, gently tucking them within branches for a full look. Add small Christmas baubles next and focus them at the top ¾ of your tree.  Gradually transition to bigger ornaments as you decorate lower branches to retain the shape of your tree. 

Pro Tip: Use ribbon or twine to attach ornaments to individual branches. The extra step adds a refined look to your tree, and makes Christmas clean up a breeze. 

Decorating Your Christmas Tree
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Add Some Jewlery

Finally, it’s time to have some fun and show off your favorite holiday ornaments! Thoughtfully place standout pieces in prominent sections of the tree, making sure to avoid hanging too low. For a textured appearance, mix velvet ornaments with crystallized snowflakes. Or, lean into your family’s Christmas traditions with handmade ornaments and handed-down baubles. 

Pro Tip: Take a step back while you decorate to check for empty spaces and tree shape. 

Think Outside The Box

Don’t be confined to traditional Christmas colors, holiday greens pair well with pastel pinks and flashy metallics. Or, adorn your tree with wooden beads and modern cotton sprigs for a natural look. One of our favorite Christmas combos? DIY dried orange garlands and hand-painted wooden ornaments. 

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