by Ashley Baker

ICYMI the design pros at Humble Dwellings are definitely worth a spot on your interior design and  décor radars.

The local mother-daughters design trio worked on two different projects that I’m excited to share with you. The first is a collab with J.Craft Homes for the 2017 Salt Lake Parade of Homes, and the second features a vacation home located in The Canyons community of Park City.

Both projects highlight Humble Dwellings’ inviting, organic-minimalist approach to interior design. Keep scrolling to find out more about their inspiration and  to see more of their work.


Let’s dig right in. So, tell us a little about this project.

“This was definitely our favorite project from this past year and has some on-trend styling tips that we see continuing into 2018,” says designer Jasmine Meese.

“We wanted to bring in some world influence through various textures, colors and accessories to create a functional family home.”

What’s the design aesthetic you were going for in this home?

“Our focus was on bright colors but not anything too flashy. We wanted to add color in a subtle way to maintain a comfortable feel to the home.

We usually design with colors, textures and patterns that inspire our clients,” she says.


What sets you apart from other local designers?

“We want to help people become the curators of their own homes. So, we ask them to step back and think about what really fills them up. Instead of us telling them, you need to do it this way.”

“It’s important to feel inspired in your home because it’s the place where you come back to at the end of the day, so it should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle.”


What are some of your favorite current interior design trends?

“Design is so versatile right now because there isn’t one specific trend. Unless, of course, there’s a specific style or color you’re going for.”

Meese states that design is all about creating spaces that inspire us.

“When you’re in a space that inspires you, you’re able to be creative in all aspects of your life. It’s all about what feels calm and serene; and pouring focus, love and creativity into that.”

“The idea of being creative and being unique is so much more accepted. Eras and phases through interior design is one way or the highway, but it’s very versatile now. We’re able to pull things from different styles throughout time.”

“Nate Berkus once said that you need to love every single thing in your home. Find a desk you love and then find a chair you love to go with it. Remind yourself, you don’t have to settle,” she says.  

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What’s your recommendation on interior design for families with kids?

The upstairs of the South Jordan home is the kids’ area. We had a clean, modern feel but wanted to add something a little playful. We used the photo of the yak at the end of the hallway, which we chose because the yak has a happy face, so it’s an uplifting and playful piece,” she says.

“Kids appreciate design too. If a space feels more mature, but still maintains playfulness it offers room for creativity and affects the vibe of the entire home.”

Project 2: Vacation Home at the Canyons in Park City

Tell us a little about this project?

“Our clients wanted a mountain-rustic feel, but didn’t necessarily want it to feel like a cabin. We brought in a variety of patterns to harness an eclectic-boho feel combined with assorted mountain elements. We ended up creating a sort of a mountain gypsy look. The rustic touches really warm up a space and make it feel more comfortable, cozy and inviting,” she says.

What’s a fun or unique texture that you’re using more of in your designs?

“Velvet is really coming back, it’s a fun funky trend right now and people are going for it,” Meese says.


Where did you find all of the gorgeous décor pieces for these projects?

“All the furniture and decor from these two projects came from Humble Dwellings. We’re sort of a one-stop shop. We want you to come in, and we’ll get you everything you need.”

Visit Humble Dwellings’  website to learn more (a USD preferred designer!).

Feature image: “The focal point in this room is the velvet headboard which we tied together with velvet accent pillows. There are some of those blue-green undertones as well which we emphasized in order to bring some color into the room. We’re seeing the deep, dark blue-greens and dark jade-green a lot in design.”

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