Whether you’re slurping ramen noodles out or making pho from scratch at at home, a steaming bowl of pho or ramen offers a delicious way to combat winter’s chill. For those snowy nights on the town, try out some of these favorite local eateries:

Where to Get Ramen in Salt Lake City


When it opened: 2017

Owner’s favorite dish: Vegetarian ramen

In Yoko Ramen’s hip, small space near downtown, movie posters adorn the walls, plants grow on the windowsill and steaming bowls of ramen flow out of the kitchen by the minute. One staple is served with simmered pork and tonkotsu, a flavorful, fatty pork bone broth that’s the specialty of Fukuoka, Japan, the world’s ramen capital. The chicken soup adds dimension to the salty shio tare with crisp, spicy bites of breaded chicken. The miso-based veggie ramen doesn’t need meat to pack plenty of flavor. “My favorite dish is the vegetable ramen, especially in the summer when we have an amazing assortment of vegetables from local farmers,” says Gaskins. Besides the titular soup, Yoko serves Japanese twists on Cubano and fried chicken sandwiches, addictive pork or mushroom gyoza, sake and a small menu of affordable cocktails. Bonus: The restaurant has a serving window that opens into Dick N’ Dixies, the bar next door.

What to expect: 

“Yoko serves up delicious and unique Japanese fare in a cool and casual setting, with something for everyone.”


Other Great Ramen Stops in SLC

Tosh’s Ramen1465 S. State St., SLC801-466-7000toshramen.com
1963 E. Murray Holladay Rd., Holladay801-278-8249toshramen.com
Kobe3947 S. Wasatch Blvd., Millcreek801-277-2928kobeslc.com 
Samurai Noodle11483 S. State St., Draper801-987-3887
Ramen Haus2550 Washington Blvd., Ogden801-393-0000ramenhausogden.com

Where to Get Pho in Salt Lake City


When it opened: 2013

Owner’s favorite dish:  Any time of day—pho. For dinner­­—shaking beef tenderloin, a wok stir-fry.

Pho is the star of the show at Pho Thin, a Vietnamese eatery tucked away in Sugar House. Their flavor-packed pho starts with the broth, whose delicate, savory taste is influenced by the dish’s origins in northern Vietnam. Using a family recipe, Pho Thin simmers the broth with a special spice blend for 24 hours. Mix and match different cuts of beef to top off your bowl. Brisket is a traditional favorite, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try tendons or tripe. Filet mignon and round eye cook as the broth is poured into the bowl, and the Vietnamese meatballs are my personal favorite. While traditional pho is usually served with few toppings, Pho Thin offers both northern and southern style varieties of condiments—the former with onion and vinegar and the latter with bean sprouts, basil, lime and jalapeño. 

2121 S. McClelland St., SLC

801-485-2323, phothinslc.com

“Pho Thin offers a Hanoi style recipe. Come and enjoy not only this comforting bowl of goodness but many other street food favorites.”


Other Great Pho Spots in SLC

Mi-La Cai Noodle House961 S. State St., SLC801-322-3590lacainoodlehouse.com 
Pho Tay Ho1766 S Main St., SLC385-240-0309photayho.com
Pleiku264 S. Main St., SLC801-359-4544pleikuslc.com
Somi1215 Wilmington Ave., Ste. 100, SLC385-322-1158somislc.com

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