Given that I’m always going on about gardens and their power to transform a house into a beautiful and meaningful home, imagine my excitement when photos of this magnificent Holladay landscape hit my inbox. Of course, the gorgeous grounds thrilled me, but it was really the story behind the property’s unique thunder shack that won me over.
Open Season
That narrative reads like a fairytale, imagined by landscape architects Jeremy Fillmore and Ryan Talbot. Workers hand-pick apples from an ancient tree when dark clouds burst open and rain pours from above. The laborers drop from their ladders and rush to the shelter of a nearby thunder shack, a stone structure tucked into a leafy garden mere steps away. This romantic vision guided a team of A-list pros to design and create the featured storybook site—one you must see to believe. Fact is, this issue is packed with the work of talented architects, designers and builders who were inspired by nature, ranging from untamed terrain to tailored gardens. A picture-perfect desert scene led interior designer Hillary Taylor to fill her St. George home with jaw-dropping views and a delightful décor that’s equal parts elegance and ease.
Open Season
Photo by Hillary Taylor.
In Utah County’s Woodland Hills, a breathtaking mountain setting drove a new home’s bold architecture and stylish, laid-back décor, masterfully delivered by a trio of pros including online sensation Becki Owens.
Open Season
Photo by Rebekah Westover.
And in Park City, lake-front living triggered the remarkable remodel and ambitious new landscape of a family home that effortlessly blurs the line between living indoors and out.
Open Season
Photo by Alan Wilbur.
Nature isn’t the only hero here; summer also triumphs in the following pages. From restyling your garden shed to making watermelon granitas, decorating with wicker to picking the perfect patio chair, we have you covered. Go ahead—bring the outdoors in, let yourself out and celebrate the season in style. This editor’s note was included in our Summer 2020 print issue. The magazine is available on newsstands July 1.
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Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.