by Brad Mee| photos by Adam Finkle

As you read this, you’re likely in one of two plant-related states of mind. One: Pamper a poinsettia that’s thriving well beyond its holiday gig. Two: Pitch the outdated plant and don’t look back. We strongly suggest the latter. Now is the perfect time to oust the old and warm up your winter window with a new houseplant. From elegant orchids to brilliant bromeliads, vibrant cyclamen to cheery begonias, there are many options ready to deliver instant color and life to your room.

Editor’s Pick

The kalanchoe may seem like a grocery-store staple, but its easy-care status, thick green foliage and clusters of tiny, vibrantly colored blooms lasting well into spring make this showy succulent a winner for winter. Of course, any basic plant can look, well, basic. But plop it into an stylish planter, and it’ll look anything but ordinary.

Potted kalanchoes, $29 each, Cactus & Tropicals, SLC

Get Into Shape

Basket or plastic pot? Pffft. Fabulous forms, colors and materials make unique planters the perfect finishing touch.

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White Geo, $35

Brown Hex, $27.50

Olive Spiro, $21.50

Plum Faceted Disk, $21.50

Green Swirl Ribbed, $12

All from Cactus & Tropicals

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