Jeremy Fillmore and Ryan Talbot, of Northland Design Group, created this storybook retreat with a team of talented pros, including Clayton Vance, Jackson & Leroy and Artistic Stone. The Northland team designed and located garden structures as part of the conceptualized landscape design and called upon Vance, who used them to inform his historically inspired designs of the property’s massed structures—a stylized thunder shack, a pavilion-like cottage, and the stacked-stone walls that connect them. These purposeful elements are beautiful in their own right; in combination they are enchanting.

This revised concept of the property outlines the team’s vision of an English-inspired landscape, including a curved swing arbor, formal rose garden, flagstone terrace and water feature. Photo courtesy Northland Design.

“The design is broken into usable spaces,” says Fillmore, who created a stream-like water feature and small terrace on the wooded slope between the main house and the transformed site above. “It’s like an invitation that brings you up to the property,” he remarks. From there, visitors arrive at an oval lawn crowned with a curved arbor from which three wooden garden swings hang, overlooking the entire landscape. The uniquely curved design does more than delight. “Unlike a straight structure, the shape allows people to interact face-to-face while swinging,” Fillmore explains. The garden swing structure is graced with traditional hanging gas lanterns that also act as way-finding elements as one walks through and discovers the site.

Sports court, cottage
Sun warms the sports court located behind the cottage. Photo by Josh Caldwell.
Cottage, Ship-clad ceiling, Beams
Artistically crafted beams by Wasatch Timber frame the cottage’s shiplap-clad ceiling. Photo by Josh Caldwell.
Lanterns, Swing arbor, Lawn, Landscape design
Gas lanterns illuminate the curved swing arbor overlooking the property’s oval lawn. Photo by Josh Caldwell.
Gate, Lawn, Gardens, Landscape design
A custom gate welcomes visitors from the winding drive to the open lawn and gardens beyond. Photo by Josh Caldwell.
Landscape design, Oak trees, Pine trees, Ash trees, Flagstone terrace, Water feature
Towering oak, pine and ash trees shade a flagstone terrace and new water feature located between the main house and the renewed property above. Photo by Josh Caldwell.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.