In homes filled with dazzling colors and eye-catching furnishings, floors often get overlooked. But when mesmerizing patterns and distinctive materials make an appearance, it’s what’s underfoot that steals the show. Whether in a striking entryway or a charismatic living space, a well-designed floor starts a home off on the right foot.

Singer-songwriter Mindy Gledhill’s home is an artistic blend of historic features and mid-century design elements. Designer Aubrey Smith designed the kitchen’s unique floor pattern to seamlessly blend with that in the dining space. Rustic wood flooring seems to bleed into geometric hexagon tiles, creating a design deserving of a double take.


Walnut flooring is a timeless choice for living rooms and dining spaces—warm wood tones create a natural sense of comfort. But when arranged in a diamond pattern, the traditional material gains a fresh twist, as shown in this light-filled hallway featured in a stately family home.

“We’re big on entrances,” says designer and homeowner Cara Fox. “We wanted it to be the best part of the home.” Upon entering her elegant house, checkerboard marble leads to a unique round foyer. European white oak planks are designed to encircle a rose compass motif, creating an air of classic beauty. The blend of marble and oak offer an alluring glimpse into the European influences awaiting inside.

Design by Ashton Klomp Interiors. Photography by Chris Luker.

Azure medallion-shaped tile adds personality to a charming laundry room. The varied blue accents echo the palette flowing throughout the home, channeling a traditional heritage farmhouse feel. In addition to its beauty, the tiled room provides a functional spot for a family of six. “No space in this house goes unused,” says designer Christy Klomp of Ashton Klomp Interiors. View more of this home featured on our 2020 Winter cover.

Tastemaker and influencer Rachel Parcell worked with Alice Lane Interiors to create a photo-ready entry space. Drawing inspiration from old French hotels, the team designed a large scale marble pattern comprising a mix of Corinthian Beige Marble, Calcutta Tucci Marble and Wallace Creek Brushed Marble. The variation of sizes and shapes works well with the overall rhythm of the space, complementing repeated tones throughout.

Design by Alice Lane Interiors. Photography by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

In this traditionally-styled Orem home, surprising marble flooring offers a flavorful first impression. “It’s been said that the entry of a home is like an appetizer, it gives you a taste of what’s to come,” says designer Jessica Bennett. Drawing from a sense of formality, Bennet cut graphic patterns from large-scale marble tiles and arranged them in a striking, slightly irreverent pattern.

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