An inspired team transforms a stark art gallery into a Parisian-styled chocolate shop in the heart of Provo.

By Madeline Gray

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12528-Nicole-Gerulat

Making chocolate is a culinary art form, and Taste—a chocolate shop nestled in historic downtown Provo—is a work of architectural art.

The walls glow a luxe shade of blue, antique gold chandeliers cast a soft light on the marble tabletops and a gentle hint of chocolate fills the air. The place feels quintessentially Parisian, somehow transplanted in the streets of Provo.


“We wanted a place where people can come and feel like they’re out of town,” said Char Coleman. Together with her husband, Morgan, and their business partner, Phil Davis, the dream to make bean-to-bar chocolate has become a fully functioning chocolate factory and adjoining shop.

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12481-Nicole-Gerulat

The space was formerly a minimalist art gallery, with nothing but drywall and wood floors. Taste hired Alice Lane Home Collection to redesign the space, a decision that turned their simple renovation plans into an even grander venture. Matt Dickamore, the senior designer on the project, found inspiration in the old-world chocolate shops of Europe and the film, Chocolat. He envisioned a space that was classical, refined and transporting.


“The goal was to create an experience for anyone walking through the door,” says Dickamore. No detail was accidental. “These are serious craftsman and they wanted the interior to set the mood,” says Jessica Bennett, the principal of Alice Lane who oversaw the project. “The space is just a backdrop—their chocolate is heroic.”

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12458-Nicole-Gerulat

Taste is open 1-9 p.m. daily, with extended hours on weekends. Special tastings occur Thursday and Friday evenings, with an ever-changing events calendar available on its website.

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