Photo Courtesy Burpee

Cucumbers deliver a uniquely fresh flavor to all types of warm-weather drinks, ranging from vodka martinis and gin-and-tonics to sparkling sodas and iced waters. They also make a cool garnish. Our favorite is the easy-to-make cucumber ribbon. Simply cut the end off a washed cucumber and then use a peeler to peel down the length of the cuke, set the ribbon aside and repeat. You can also use a mandolin to prepare these slices. Place one to three ribbons in your prepared drink and serve.


Smoked Samon Cucumber Canopy. Photo Courtesy Burpee

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Canape

1 unwaxed, organic cucumber

5 ounces chevre (creamy goat cheese)

6 ounces sliced smoked salmon

16 sprigs fresh dill (for garnish)

Score the cucumber’s skin lengthwise with a fork. Slice the decoratively scored cucumber into sixteen quarter-inch rounds. Spread a thin layer of chevre on each round. Top with salmon and dill. Serve on a chilled platter.

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