As warm summer weather slowly enraptures the city and the seemingly decades-long pandemic slows to a walk, weekends have once again become an opportunity for adventure. Friends gather for long-overdue reunions and hosts dust off gathering spaces neglected for far too long. In celebration of the return of some degree of normalcy, we’re soaking up the feel-good energy of weekend nights captured by Scot Zimmerman. Whether it’s a late-night conversation around a grounding fire pit or a midnight dip in a luminous swimming pool, these photos are giving us all the Friday night feels.

Friday Night Lights
Interior design by MHR Interiors, Architecture by Upwall Design, Build by Midway Construction, Photo by Scot Zimmerman

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 isolation saw an increase in alcohol consumption, and many people took to indulging in fine wines and cocktails to pass the time. Now, freshly-minted sommeliers and mixologists are sharing their knowledge with others in spaces meant for boozy gatherings. This electric glass bar features classic nightlife LED lights showcasing an impressive range of libations.

Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Why spend time and energy visiting a communal theater when you can invite your inner circle for a film focused evening at home. High-tech home theaters offer a low-key Friday night of luxury. This starry skied space was design by MHR Interiors with architecture from Upland Design and built by Midway Construction.

Friday Night Lights
Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Downtown dusk views are best enjoyed on a luminous balcony. The pandemic has taught everyone to make the most of outdoor spaces, and this sleek area beckons appreciation from friends and family alike. Clean lines, minimal furnishings and vibrant pillars of light compliment Salt Lake’s urban skylines. Design by Atelier 93.

Friday Night Lights
Design by Markay Johnson Construction, Photo by Scot Zimmerman

Southern Utah sunsets gained a new sense of wonder during lockdown, now people gather to share their communal appreciation of nature’s finest offerings. This welcoming desert oasis promises a weekend of laughter and inspiration.

Life may not be quite the same but with good company and a home full of light, the spirt of the weekend is alive and well.

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