Designer wallpaper turns any space into an eye-catching gallery, no hammer required. Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite gallery wallpapers from top textile experts.

Bunny Wall, Lee Jofa

Abstract bunny portraits painted in pops of color provide a playful sense of innocence to your walls. The wallpaper is available in a range of colorways including Turquoise and Yellow that allow you to customize your walls to your heart’s content.

Gallery Charcoal, Andrew Martin

An elegant wallpaper from Andrew Martin features Renaissance portraiture from the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. The unique covering is best displayed in sitting rooms, hallways and landings.

Gallery Wallpaper
Fern Gallery, Sanderson

A nature-inspired covering combines vibrant fauna and feathered illustrations. The organic collection is ideal for those longing to bring the outside into their home. Consider using the design in primary bedrooms or laundry rooms for a refreshing taste of the outdoors.

Gallery Wallpaper
This Other Eden, Barneby Gates

Sepia-toned photographs from 19th century Britain allude to farm life and war scenes. The collage-like quality evokes a meaningful sense of nostalgia, while avoiding an over polished effect. Each image is coupled with a brief description, so your walls offer a piece of history with each glance.

Gallery Wallpaper
At the Art Gallery, Charlotte Cory

Charlotte Cory reimagines Victorian portraits with quirky characters and whimsical creativity. The mauve background is inspired by an original 19th century carved wallpaper that Cory displays in her own work space. The understated tones and ornate frames make a statement in any room, but particularly in powder rooms and butler’s pantries.

If a traditional gallery wall is more your style, we have even more inspiration you can find here.


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