Lanterns have brought light and comfort into homes for centuries. Their timeless appearance and functionality have carried them through history as an enduring design favorite. And while the advent of electricity has long replaced the necessity of open flames in the home, lanterns have taken on a new domestic presence. Appearing in traditional kitchens, charming dining spaces and welcoming entrances, lanterns cast warm ambient light in every space. 

Gas Lanterns
Lanterns from Visual Comfort anchor the dining room and kitchen as one cohesive space. Design by Ashton Klomp Interiors. Photo by Chris Luker.
Gas Lanterns
A beachside bungalow in Florida lights the way with a charming gas lantern. Photo by Lindsay Salazar.

Lanterns are catching the eye of homeowners and designers alike. Interior designer Christie Lewis favors the unique luminescence for its ability to create a sense of nostalgia and homeyness. “They contribute to the soul of a home,” she says. Placing a flickering light source in a foyer adds a guaranteed comfort to the space, but Lewis notes a rising trend of placing lanterns in unexpected places. “For example, using wall lanterns to flank a range in a kitchen or on each side of a mirror in a half bathroom. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box,” she says. 

“The great thing about lanterns is they come in a wide array of styles,” says Lewis. “Whether your home be traditional, transitional, modern, coastal, industrial, Mediterranean, etc. there is a lantern that will fit the aesthetic.” Design by Catherine Goodsell Interiors. Photo by Derek Israelsen.
Gas Lanterns
Befitting outdoor fixtures light up a storybook thunder shack. Design by Northland Design Group. Photo by Joshua Caldwell.

Among the many styles of lanterns, homeowners must also choose between gas and electric versions. Gas lanterns emit a constant flame, making them much pricier than an electric fixture. “A general rule of thumb is to plan on $10 per gas lantern each month,” says Lewis. Despite the added cost, the level of charm achieved is truly unbeatable. “Gas lanterns add an element of elegance and nostalgia… they make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time,” Lewis says. 

“I love pulling up to the Bodell home at night. I instantly feel at home… and I don’t even live there!” Lewis says. Design by Christie Lewis and Brandon Bodell Construction. Photo by Joshua Caldwell.
Gas Lanterns
When placed in exterior entrances, Bevolo gas lanterns provide a welcome flicker of warmth to visitors and residents alike. Design by Northland Design Group. Photo by Joshua Caldwell. 

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