You know color is the hottest ingredient in today’s high-style rooms—now it’s all about how to add it to your décor. Why not begin with accessories?
A lot of what goes into how stylish your spaces look is the accessories and accents you choose. If you’re looking for some colorful character, small pieces—from vibrant practical items to simply-stunning decorative objects— can make a big impact on emboldening your rooms. May we suggest the following?

Top from left to right:

  1. Medium acrylic stacked egg, $198, Jonathan Adler
  2. Le Creuset blue tea kettle, $70, Crate & Barrel, Murray
  3. Brunswick green vase, $26 – $41, Alice Lane Home Collection, SLC

Bottom from left to right:

  1. Alpaca throws, $310 -$355, O. C. Tanner Jewelers, SLC
  2. KitchenAid stand mixer, $500,Williams-Sonoma, SLC
  3. Stemmed glasses, $10 each, Glass House, SLC
  4. Woven decorative pillows, $110 and $225, Details, SLC
  5. Nesting batter bowl set, $32.95, Hip & Humble, SLC

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Featured image//Jonathan Adler