We love to share good news, particularly during these days. So we were thrilled to let you know that The Garden Store in SLC will not close, as was recently planned. Here’s the latest on this smile-making update.

It was an eleventh-hour turn of events, according to Rob McFarland, co-owner of Ward & Child—The Garden Store. As we reported on March 9th, he and Jerry Stanger planned on closing the beloved garden and décor shop at the end of this month. 

Lily Pond, The Garden Store

Recently, however, Todd Olsen and Nate Hansen—longtime Ward & Child fans and passionate garden lovers—caught wind of the closing and proposed taking the torch from McFarland and Stanger. A deal was reached and starting this week, Olsen and Hansen will be the The Garden Store’s new owners.

Lily Pond, The Garden Store

“We’re as thrilled about this as are our customers,” says McFarland. “Todd and Nate are genuine, kind people who love the store as it is, and value the experience and products it offers.” For a while, McFarland and Stanger will work in an advisory role to help foster a seamless transition and will also help with product selection and sourcing. And that charming garden behind the iconic shop? “It will remain the same,” McFarland says with a smile. “This is a happy ending for all involved.” It is also a happy beginning we will gladly follow. Stay tuned. 

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.