WOW Atelier’s co-founder and designer shares a few desktop faves that inspire and enlighten his creativity.

1. Re-Markable digital sketchbook

I love sketch pads but am tired of saving them. This version has many pen types, infinite pages to work from, and looks nice. It doesn’t connect to the internet, so no distracting emails or web searches—just draw, jot down ideas and take notes!

2. Roseline Pottery mugs

Touch, smell and sight—that’s our business! So every day while I am drinking coffee at my desk, I am reminded that the smallest most intimate details (the things you touch) are most often the most important.

3. Purr table lamp by Moooi

How can you not love it? Its design is at the highest level, and I loe that it is serious, yet does not take itself too seriously.

4. Glam Fleur

I absolutely need a touch of opulence at my desk, so these flowers from my wife found their way to the studio. I love gold things, and I love flowers, so gold flowers…nothing better!

5. Taschen Books

I’m always looking for amazing imagery to learn from, be inspired by, and get inspiration from, just to lock away in the back of my head. Taschen books really get my senses flowing!

6. Small Creatures

When I saw these on another desk in the studio, I knew I also wanted them to deliver a little bit of joy to mine, making each day a touch more light-hearted.

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Brad Mee
Brad Mee is the Editor-in-Chief of Utah Style & Design Magazine.